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Almost Invisible

Invisalign® treatment in the hands of the team of experts at Miller Orthodontics can help you achieve a straight beautiful smile and a great healthy bite without using braces.

Clear & Comfortable Treatment

The Invisalign® system uses sets of clear computer-designed aligners to correct your bite and straighten your teeth. The individual plastic aligners are custom-designed for you by Dr Miller and they’re engineered to create small successive tooth movements while you wear them.

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All About Invisalign Treatment

More than eight million Invisalign patients have straightened their smiles with this established clear option. Unlike traditional braces that adhere directly onto your teeth, these comfortable and clear acrylic aligners can be removed any time you want.

Invisalign aligners are hard to see when you have them in and are great for patients who want a discreet treatment option.

Each aligner tray is created with special 3D technology, not old school impressions, and orthodontists have been treating patients using Invisalign since the late 1990s.

You’ll wear your aligners right on top of your teeth, and you can take them out whenever you want. This means it’s easy to eat and drink and floss and brush just like you do now.

Compared to traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners are more comfortable but can still give you a smile you love. At Miller Orthodontics, Invisalign can be a great fit for patients of all ages in Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, East Gwillimbury, and the surrounding areas.

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All About Your Invisalign Journey

To begin your Invisalign journey, Dr. Miller studies photos and xrays of your teeth to formulate a customized treatment plan for you. We will then create a 3D scan of your teeth and bite using one of our iTero digital scanners. No molds or goopy impressions will be necessary.

After Dr. Miller collects all the images and information he needs to diagnose your teeth and bite, he’ll look closer at your smile and talk you through your options to get the smile you've always wanted.

Your first set of custom-designed aligners will be created from your 3D iTero scan, and then you’ll move on to the tooth-straightening process.

You’ll need to wear your Invisalign trays around 22 hrs/day. The good news is that you can take them out whenever you need to eat or brush and floss.

Most of our patients start to notice positive changes in just a few months! Once you've moved through your first full series of aligners, we'll see you for a special refinement appointment, at which point Dr Miller will determine what remains to be done to get everything as perfect as can be. Most of our patients will have two full sets of aligners until they are complete. It is EXTREMELY rare to be finished after just the first series (kind of like getting a hole in one in golf), and some patients with more complex cases may require two or more sets of refinement aligners. The most important factor to help you move through your treatment as quickly as possible is to wear your aligners full-time as prescribed, and contact us right away if you run into any issues!

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Modern Technology

The Invisalign system is a forward-thinking method for orthodontic treatment.

Your aligners are made just for your mouth without any goopy or gaggy impressions The invisible acrylic plastic feels comfortable and smooth in your mouth and others will have a hard time noticing them

Slowly but surely, your aligners will guide your teeth into the position planned by Dr. Miller. You won’t have to come to our office for wire adjustments or gluing metal brackets on your teeth. Every one to two weeks you’ll switch out a new set of Invisalign aligners until your orthodontic journey finishes.

This incredible treatment option fits your lifestyle and still creates the beautiful new smile you’re waiting for. Because the clear plastic is almost invisible, your friends may never know you’re in orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Miller has treated a huge number of Invisalign patients in Newmarket and the surrounding area and Miller Orthodontics is thrilled to provide this amazing orthodontic technology to our patients.

Invisalign Invisible Braces

Invisalign Vs. Braces

Metal braces have parts that can irritate your mouth and feel uncomfortable at times, but the smooth acrylic Invisalign trays do not. You also won’t have any food restrictions like traditional braces because you can take out your trays whenever you want.

You’ll actually need to remove your Invisalign trays for meals and if you want to drink anything besides water. After you eat, you’ll need to brush your teeth so you won’t have any stains.

It’s obviously very easy to floss and brush like normal, compared to working around the wires and brackets that make up traditional braces.