FAQs About Adult Orthodontics

Q: Why choose an orthodontist instead of ordering aligners in the mail?

A: Orthodontists are dental doctors, specialists who deal specifically with dental and facial issues.

Dr. Miller received an additional three full years of specific training after dental school to learn the correct way to straighten and align teeth.

Only those doctors like Dr. Miller that go through this education may call themselves “orthodontists,” and only orthodontists may be members of the Canadian American Associations of Orthodontists.


Q: Can orthodontic treatment work for an adult? 

A: Yes!. We can move healthy teeth at any age.

Many orthodontic problems can be easily corrected in adulthood as in children. We use orthodontic forces to move teeth the same way in children and adults.


Q: Do my ortho appliances have to be obvious?  

A: You have the choice of sleeker, smaller and almost invisible braces as well as clear aligners such as Invisalign today.

Dr. Miller can tell you about the choices that work for your goals and needs.


Q: Will my ortho treatment fit my life?  

A: Yes! You can keep living your life during orthodontic treatment. You can eat out, sing, play instruments, kiss and take a selfie.

You may need to make some lifestyle adjustments, but most adult patients adjust easily and quickly.

At Miller Orthodontics, braces and Invisalign treatments are convenient and comfortable through new materials and techniques.


Q: Is orthodontic treatment right for me?  

A: During your consultation, Dr. Miller can determine if you will benefit from treatment.

Dr. Miller will look at your needs and will recommend an efficient treatment for your unique smile, as well as braces and/or clear aligner options that will work for you.


Q: Can orthodontic treatment fix my bite if I’m missing teeth?  

A: Yes, orthodontic treatment can hold or create space to replace your missing teeth.

Dr. Miller will work with your dentist who can give you implants or bridges after orthodontics to help you get the best smile you can.


Q: Can you straighten my teeth if I’ve had gum disease? 

A: Dr. Miller will consult with your dentist about your gum health.

If orthodontic treatment’s right for you, you’ll be supervised by your periodontist or dentist.

A lot of times, straightening teeth can help gum health.


Q: How much will orthodontic treatment cost?  

A: Your orthodontic treatment cost will depend on different factors like how severe your problem is, how long your treatment will take, and the kind of appliances chosen to treat your particular case.

Dr. Miller and our team will be happy to talk about treatment costs and convenient financing options before you begin any treatment. In fact, today’s braces and aligners are more affordable than in the past.


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